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Open Claridad

Grappa Casino


Ellerstina Picaro





Open Claribel







Breeder: Ellerstina, Argentina

Owner: Patrick Maleitzke, Polo Stud Schockemöhle, Germany

OPEN CLARIDAD is breed by Ellerstina. Father Grappa Casino is a well known stallion from Ellerstina who played himself in several Palermo Opens. Mother OPEN CLARIBEL played the Triple Crown with Nico Pieres. She is a sister to OPEN ANABEL, who played the Triple Crown with Gonzalo Pieres, OPEN ISADORA, who played the Triple Crown with Facundo Pieres Hc 10. The mother ISABELA was playing 7 seasons in England with Adolfo Cambiaso, Carlos Garcida and Gonzalo Pieres before playing the Palermo Open in Argentina with Gonzalo Pieres. OPEN CLARIDAD herself played in England with Ellerstina and French Open 2019 with Patrick Maleitzke Hc 5. OPEN CLARIDAD played the Gold Cup 2020 and Queens Cup 2020 with Patrick Maleitzke. OPEN ANALOGICO played the Palermo Open 2019 with Nico Pieres Hc 10 and comes out of the direct motherline of OPEN CLARIDAD.

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