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Mating conditions

  1. All accommodation costs, all outstanding fees and all costs incurred must be paid before mares leave the Schockemöhle Pologestüt.

  2. All mares must present a CEM swab sample with negative results. This can be carried out at the stud against payment of the costs.

  3. Mares should be able to handle a halter and be generally well-behaved, for example when shaking their hooves etc.

  4. If a mare loses her foal after October 1st of the year in which she was mated, we unfortunately do not grant a repeat or a refund. The owner is responsible for checking that everything is in order with the pregnancy before October 1st and for notifying the Schockemöhle Pologestüt as soon as possible if there is a problem.

  5. Mares can be accommodated at the Schockemöhle Pologestüt.

  6. Veterinary help is requested at the Schockemöhle's discretion and in the interests of the mare. The cost will be billed to the owner and every effort will be made to keep the owners informed of new developments if any problems arise.

  7. The Schockemöhle Pologestüt is not responsible for accidents or injuries that occur to the mares while they are on the property of the stud and so the owners are instructed to ensure that they have adequate insurance cover for accidents, theft or illness while the mares are housed at the Schockemöhle Pologestüt.

  8. All foals are weaned around six months of age. Full payment and collection is required within 21 days of dropping off. If this deadline is not met, the foal will be offered for sale. If a foal has been paid for in full, but it is not picked up, the accommodation costs will be charged.

  9. All foals are sold with halter and passport. You are up to date with deworming and hoof care.

  10. Unborn foals are "sold as they are". Foals sold before weaning are "sold as is". Weaners and older horses are open to purchase examinations.

  11. All colts are neutered at the latest before they turn two years old and before they leave the Schockemöhle Pologestüt. If the owner wishes to keep the foal as a stallion, a fee of up to € 50,000 must be paid.

  12. All mare owners who use stallions from the Schockemöhle Pologestüt recognize the breeding conditions for all current and future business relationships.

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